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Psychological Safety in the Workplace
FOR LEADERS: This 2-part workshop (sessions #1 and #2) is designed for leaders and focus on creating teams where people feel safe and empowered to innovate, bring diverse ideas to the conversation, and challenging ideas. We can achieve this practice by ensuring that there is psychological safety in the workplace. Psychological safety means that teams embrace conflict and create a space where individuals feel safe asking questions, brainstorming out loud, and experience high-trust relationships in the workplace. This session will explore best practices in creating and leading a psychologically safe team.

FOR EMPLOYEES: It takes time to build a psychologically safe work environment, but it only takes moments for it to be destroyed. The onus for protecting a psychologically safe work environment does not rely solely on leaders. Employees play a vital role in building and protecting a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. This 2-part workshop (sessions #3 and #4) is designed for employees and focuses on 13 elements that impact our psychological responses to work and work conditions. We will explore what these elements may look like in the workplace and discuss what you as an employee can do to protect the well-being of yourself and others while at work
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