GLPTI- Empowering a Volunteer Workforce to Help Manage Non-native, Invasive Plants on Parkland - Shared screen with speaker view
Alicia Ihnken - MDNR
I apologize if you covered these and I missed it: 1) Do your volunteers use chemical? If no, why not? 2) Do you have an invasive point tracking database (ie. spatially track where invasives are and what their population/density is)? 3) Do you track each "invasive treatment" or control effort (so you know how many acres were treated, and where, etc.)? If yes, how do volunteers report that information?
Robert Strittmatter
Ready to Use ....Round up ready to use from the container would by an example
Mickey Boyle
RTU is Ready to Use
Robert Strittmatter
Thank you. great Presentation.
Ginger Clark
Thank you!