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STEM Biomedical Pathways in Graduate School
Are you interested in both STEM research and medicine? Join the conversation with current graduate students in various Ph.D./MD or Ph.D. programs in biomedical sciences. Learn more about what these programs are, the typical application and degree completion timeline, as well as get insights on how to decide if these degree programs are right for you.


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Daisy Díaz-Rohena
Graduate Research Assistant @The University of Texas UT-Health MD Anderson Cancer Center Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
I am ongoing graduate studies in cancer biology with the goal to become a translational cancer researcher. I'm most interested in the processes leading to drug resistance in leukemias and devising new strategies to treat these cancers. I completed a B.S. in Chemistry form the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras campus. To guide my transition to biomedical sciences, I participated in two related summer internships (biotechnology company Emulate and UMASS Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) and attended the biomedical conference for minorities called ABRCMS.
Jared Smith
MD/PhD Student @Indiana School of Medicine
I was a Neuroscience major at UAB when I realized my interest in pursuing the MD/PhD pathway by participating in the pre-MD/PhD SUCCESS program at The Ohio State University in the summer between jurior and senior year. After that year, I decided to enhance my research credentials by participating in the post baccalaureate IPREP program at IUPUI where I worked with Dr. Fletcher White in the Department of Anesthesia. Currently, as a GS4 (6th year MD/PhD student) graduate student in the Medical Neuroscience program here at IU, I still work with Dr. White on a project focusing on how headache pain can result in chronic immune changes and identifying potential treatments on rectifying this issue. This is important and interesting to me as a future physician scientist interested in the fields of either anesthesia or neurology (neuroimmunology).
Howard Nicholson
Graduate Research Assistant @Columbia University Biomedical Engineering
Howard Nicholson III graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and minor in music. This past fall, Howard started the Biomedical Engineering M.S./Ph.D. Program working under the mentorship of Dr. Clark Hung in the Cellular Engineering Laboratory to understand how physical and chemical stimuli impact cells and tissues in order to incorporate these forces in strategies for developing functional tissue substitutes of clinical relevance. He is also interested in investigating how bias and racism may lead to inequity in healthcare and biomedical innovation.