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CCoE Webinar: SmartProvenance: A Distributed, Blockchain Based Data Provenance System
Blockchain technology has evolved from being an immutable ledger of transactions for cryptocurrencies to a programmable interactive environment for building distributed reliable applications. Although the blockchain technology has been used to address various challenges, to our knowledge none of the previous work focused on using Blockchain to develop a secure and immutable scientific data provenance management framework that automatically verifies the provenance records using off-chain techniques. In this talk, we discuss how we leverage Blockchain as a platform to facilitate trustworthy data provenance collection, verification, and management. The developed system utilizes smart contracts and open provenance model (OPM) to record immutable data trails. We show that our proposed framework can securely capture and validate provenance data that prevents any malicious modification to the captured data as long as the majority of the participants are honest.

About CTSC: The mission of CTSC is to improve the cybersecurity of NSF computational science and engineering projects, while allowing those projects to focus on their science endeavors. This mission is accomplished through one-on-one engagements with projects to solve their specific problems, broad education, outreach and training to raise the practice-of-security across the community, and looking for opportunities for improvement to bring in research to raise the state-of-practice. ​For more information about what CTSC does, how it can help your project, the advances it is making in cybersecurity and resources for cybersecurity professionals, please see the CTSC website

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Feb 26, 2018 11:00 AM in Indiana (East)

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Dr. Murat Kantarcioglu
Professor @The University of Texas at Dallas
Dr. Kantarcioglu is a Professor in the Computer Science Department and Director of the Data Security and Privacy Lab at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). Dr. Kantarcioglu’s research focuses on the integration of cyber security and data science.